Art woman holding a balance

Gifford [12] have shown that the painting had been extended by approximately five centimetre on every side at a much later date. The woman is strategically placed under shining light. The device exaggerated spatial effects, and the projected image was probably not sharply focused.

There is also a dynamic relationship between a number of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, throughout the work. Soft light comes in through the window and illuminates the scene.

The background of the image is darker than the foreground. A psychological line can be found in connection between the womans eyes and the balance she holds in her right hand. Vermeer produces an illusion of holiness upon the woman on the image.

Woman Holding a Balance

For example, he seems to have used the camera obscura, a pinhole device used to project an image onto a wall surface with a lens. Theme[ edit ] In the painting, Vermeer has depicted a young woman holding an empty balance before a table on which stands an open jewelry boxthe pearls and gold within spilling over.

The fram surrounding the painting in the background is also framing the womans face. Lacking the underlayer, the spot is not only smaller but also less softly luminescent compared to the pearls.

Art Woman Holding a Balance Essay

He was born and died in the city of Delft, with which he is strongly associated. Although the allegorical character of Woman Holding a Balance differs from the more genrelike focus of comparable paintings by Vermeer of the early to mids, the thematic concerns underlying this work are similar: A shimmering blue cloth, open boxes, two strands of pearls, and a gold chain lie on the sturdy table.

The pigment in the bright yellow curtain was identified as indian yellow. Michael would be seen going about precisely this activity. The artist uses shape to provide emphasis upon the woman. De Monconys thought the price much too high. A blue cloth rests in the left foreground, beneath a mirror, and a window to the left — unseen save its golden curtain — provides light.

A large painting of the Last Judgment, framed in black, hangs on the back wall of the room. Her figure is aligned with the central axis of the Last Judgment: Her head and the central gesture of her hand are thus visually locked in space, and a seeming moment of quiet contemplation becomes endowed with permanence and symbolic associations.

There is a complete lack of tension or conflict in her portrayal: It reinforces the notion that Vermeer often chose motifs and moments that have dual implications, ones which the protagonists, as well as the observer, must struggle to resolve.

Colour and Brushwork As usual, a wealth of detail allows Vermeer to demonstrate his handling of colour and texture. A shimmering blue cloth and an open jewelry box with two strands of pearls and a gold chain lie on the sturdy table.

This question has been asked time and again, and, indeed, the actual nature of her act and its significance have been variously interpreted.Formal Analysis Essay “Woman Holding a Balance” I - Art Woman Holding a Balance introduction. This is a religious piece of art.

A. The painting that Vermeer placed in the background is “The last Judgement” by Jacob de Backer which depicts Jesus Christ in heaven with extended arms. B.

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Interpretation of Woman Holding a Balance Unquestionably among the greatest genre paintings ever produced, Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance was known - until detailed analysis revealed that the pans of the balance were empty - as The Goldweigher or Girl Weighing Pearls.

Woman Holding a Balance is an allegorical scene that urges us to conduct our lives with temperance and moderation. The painting within the painting offers an important clue in that Christ's Last Judgment is echoed by the woman's own actions.

The gesture [of holding the balance] requires precise coordination of delicate physical and mental calculations—the same capacities that Vermeer's art demanded from him.

Woman Holding a Balance offers a superb example of Johannes Vermeer ’s exquisite sense of order and rhythm. A woman dressed in. Overview. Woman Holding a Balance is a superb example of Johannes Vermeer’s exquisite sense of stability and rhythm.

A woman dressed in a blue jacket with fur trim stands serenely at a table in a corner of a room.

Art woman holding a balance
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