Office 365 business plans pdf

You can combine Enterprise, Business, and standalone plans for example, Exchange Online Plan 1 within a single account. However, existing limitations on the number of seats per plan do not change. Provide learning for your team or entire organization, with an easy to use experience for managing users, curating content and measuring engagement Expand your Office skills.

Do you have some employees who only need email, and others who need Office apps installed? Only one or two people in your business should be assigned to the global admin role. Receive personal recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile.

They can start cleaning up old email and files or take advantage of free online training. For example, you can buy the Premium plan and licenses only for those employees who are going to use it. Choose your plan Do you need Office installed on your computers?

For example, you can have up to seats per plan on both Office Business Essentials and Office Business Premium, but an unlimited number of users on Exchange Online Plan 1.

To implement a Calling Plan requires an additional plan purchase either Domestic or International. You can switch from your current Office subscription to another Office subscription: Does not include desktop sync functionality.

Take courses for every level — beginner to advanced. Benefits Learn from recognized industry experts, and get the business, tech, and creative skills that are most in demand.

Some businesses hire a consultant to manage their computers and software for them. This will keep things tidy so you have one subscription, with multiple plans and licenses.

Standalone services The following online services are available on their own, as standalone plans. You can mix and match plans! Do you also need email encryption? If yes, choose Office Business Premium. From a standalone plan: But you can assign admin roles to trusted users, too.

Assign roles Were you the person who signed up for Office and purchased the subscription? If yes, choose E3 instead. The following features are available in the full client, but are not available in the basic client: Stream courses from your computer or mobile device.

In the same service family: For pricing information, or to chat with an online representative, click on any of the plans listed in the following table.Comparison of Office Midsize Business, and Enterprise plans Enterprise Level Plans (E1 $8 per user/month) (E3 $20 per user/month) (E4 $22 per user/month) - You can mix plans together meaning; 5 people on the E1 plan, 10 people on the E3 and 1 on the E4.

Compare all Microsoft Office product plans and pricing.

Office 365 Plan Options

Business email hosting not included Desktop versions of Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Assess risk and gain insight into potential threats with Office. Jun 13,  · Several of the Office for business plans have add-ons that you can buy for your subscription.

An add-on provides additional functionality to the subscription. For more information, see Buy or edit an add-on for Office for business. Compare all Office for business plans Business Enterprise Price does not include VAT.

Office Business Essentials Office Business Office Business Premium Office Enterprise E1 Office ProPlus Office Enterprise E3 £ user/month £ user/month. 'e e "obile app do not reEuire a ub cription4 but "ay 'a+e ot'er reEuire"ent.

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Plan for Office 365

5onprofit plan Office for 'o"e F(B Office option. Jun 16,  · Office Business Essentials, Office Enterprise E1, Office Education E1, and Office Government E1 plans don’t include subscriptions to Office However, you can use folder sync if you have Office installed and subscribe to one of these plans.

Office 365 business plans pdf
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