Pa201 introduction to legal research unit 3

Major-Commandant of a corps of foot to be herewith raised. Among the prisoners were, Messrs. The crew echoed these sentiments of affection and respect with their "Long live the King" while the regimental band played the anthem "God Save the King", which lent all appropriate dignity to this pleasant and affectionate scene After the rebellion ofthe corps was renamed the nd Regiment [HRNSW 6, ], but stayed on in the colony only until the arrival of the 73rd Regiment in She had on board sixty female and twenty-three male convicts, some stores and provisions, with three settlers for the colony.

As was to be expected, all our guests repeated the toast naming the King of Spain before the King of England.

These are to authorise you, by beat of drum or otherwise, to raise so many men in any country or part of our Kingdom of Great Britain as shall be wanted to complete the said corps to the above-mentioned numbers.

After an absence of eight weeks, the Daedalus returned from Norfolk Island; and on board her, ten of the marine settlers, who had given up their grounds in consequence of the disappointment which they experienced with respect to the corn bills, and had entered into the New South Wales corps CollinsOctober https: The nd sailed for England on the Dromedary and Hindostan on 10 May Whereas we have thought proper to direct that a corps of foot shall be forthwith raised, which is intended to be stationed in New South Wales, to consist of four companies, with three serjeants, three corporals, two drummers, and sixty-seven private men in each, with the usual commanding officers.

Malaspina Novo y Colson second editionhttps: Beyond the hospital, in the same line, is the prison, which has several dungeons, capable of holding from an hundred and fifty, to two hundred prisoners; it is surrounded by a high and strong wall, and has a numerous guard on duty, both by day and night.

In the front of it is the armoury, where the garrison is drawn up every morning, accompanied by a numerous and well composed band, belonging to the New South Wales regiment.

She had on board Francis Grose, Esq. It was later renamed the th Regiment, and was disbanded completely in To our trusty and well-beloved Francis Grose, Esq.

She sailed the 17th of last July from Yarmouth Roads, and had rather a long passage, touching at St. Malaspina Novo y ColsonMarch-April https: Muir, Palmer, Skirving, and Margarot, four gentlemen lately convicted in Scotland of the crime of sedition considered as a public offenceand transported for the same.

A guard, consisting of an ensign and twenty-one privates of the New South Wales corps, was on board the transport:Introduction. The immediate purpose of this page is to present some preliminary research data on the deployment and musical activity of British military bands serving in the Australian colonies from c to c

Pa201 introduction to legal research unit 3
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